Best Time for seeing Gorilla & Wildebeest Migration – Best time for Combining wildebeest safaris and Gorilla Trekking – Best time to visit East Africa

Are you planning to go on a safari in Africa and experience gorilla trekking and wildebeest migration? The Best Time for seeing Gorilla & Wildebeest Migration is during the dry seasons. Gorilla Trekking and Wildebeest Migration are the top two safari experiences in East Africa. Combining both activities during your African safari is very possible and will leave you with unmatched memories. Imagine combining two of Africa’s most celebrated wildlife encounters! This however requires great timing and here we are to guide you about the Best Time for seeing Gorilla & Wildebeest Migration.

To make the most of your adventure, it’s important to know the best time to go. The ideal time for a Gorilla Trekking & Wildebeest Migration Safari is during the dry season. However, since the wildebeest migration is not entirely dictated by time, but rather by weather and other factors, timing may be difficult. This is nothing to worry about since we will help you plan your dream African Safari at the very best time of the year when you can experience both Activities. The Best Time for seeing Gorilla & Wildebeest Migration is also the best time to visit East Africa since the weather in all East African countries tends to have slight variations and is almost the same at times. This will allow you to experience the celebrated gorilla trekking and wildebeest migration.

If you are wondering which country you should choose for wildebeest migration (Kenya or Tanzania) and Gorilla trekking (Uganda or Rwanda). We are glad to inform you that we will help you arrange your safari depending on your choice of destination. We can arrange for you a combined adventure with any of the countries you prefer to visit in Africa.

About Wildebeest Migration – Best Time for seeing Gorilla & Wildebeest Migration

Wildebeest Migration is one of the most celebrated natural wonders in the world, also referred as ‘‘ the greatest show on earth’’. Annually, over 1.5 million wildebeest and their entourage move through Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park northwards to Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve in search of water and fresh pastures. The large numbers of migrating mammals attract a number of predators that come to prey on the weak and worn-out animals during the journey. Wildebeest Migration can be witnessed both in Kenya and Tanzania. A must see during your African Safaris.

About Gorilla Trekking – Best Time for seeing Gorilla & Wildebeest Migration

Gorilla trekking is one of Africa’s or the world’s most thrilling and transformative wildlife encounters. Gorilla trekking is an activity that involves hiking and trekking deep in dense tropical rainforests to see mountain gorillas in their natural habitats. Mountain gorillas are endangered primates species with a few individuals left in the world. Mountain gorillas can only be found in three countries of Uganda, Rwanda and D.R Congo. However, the most popular Gorilla Trekking destinations are Rwanda and Uganda.


Here is all you need to know about the Best Time for Gorilla Trekking & Wildebeest Migration Safari.

Best time for Wildebeest Migration Safaris

The Serengeti National Park in Tanzania and the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya are the destinations where the annual wildebeest migration takes place. The migration is a continuous cycle that occurs throughout the year, but to witness specific stages of the migration, it is best to visit during certain times. The Best Time for seeing Gorilla & Wildebeest Migration is between July and October. Here is a month-by-month highlight of where to see wildebeest during Safaris;

January to March (Calving Season): During the months of January and February, the wildebeest are concentrated in the southern Serengeti, where they usually give birth to their newborn. During these months, every day, over 8000 calves are born, attracting many predators who prey on the inexperienced newborns. It’s an incredible sight to see thousands of wildebeest giving birth in a short period. This coincides with the rainy season in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Rwanda, so be prepared for heavy downpours if you plan to visit during this time. While this period is perfect for those who wish to witness the wildebeest calving, it may not be ideal for general wildlife safaris. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t visit during this time, as both wildebeest migration and gorilla trekking are possible all year round.

April to June:

Between these months, the wildebeest moves towards the western corridor of the Serengeti. These months also coincide with river crossings at the Grumeti River which can be quite dramatic. If you want to witness this amazing spectacle (River crossing), this is one of the best times to visit. These months are usually characterized by less rain as the dry season is approaching. The wildebeest during this season are located in Tanzania and the weather is considerably fair for safaris. Popular gorilla trekking destinations like Uganda and Rwanda also have fair weather during this season, although rain can pour at any time. You can trek gorillas and witness the wildebeest migration in East Africa during these months.


July to September – Best Time for seeing Gorilla & Wildebeest Migration

This is the peak period for the wildebeest migration, as they cross the Mara River and enter the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya. It’s a thrilling spectacle that attracts numerous wildlife enthusiasts. It’s also the best time for a Gorilla Trekking & Wildebeest Migration Safari in East Africa since both Uganda and Rwanda experience a dry season during these months. You can witness the river crossing either in Tanzania or Kenya. Between July and September is the Best Time for seeing Gorilla & Wildebeest Migration and also the best time to visit East Africa in general. Be it wildlife safaris or any other safari experience, it can be done during this period of the year.

Where to trek gorillas in Africa – Best gorilla trekking destinations


Uganda is one of the top and popular gorilla trekking destinations in Africa. The Country has two of the four gorilla trekking national Parks (Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga National Park) making it a superb destination: The dry seasons from December to February and June to September are considered the best times for gorilla trekking in Uganda. During these periods, the trails are easier to navigate, and the chances of encountering gorillas are relatively higher. Uganda Gorilla permits cost about $700 per person for foreign non-residents. Resident foreign residents and East African travelers however can acquire these permits at a more cheap and discounted rate.


Rwanda is one of the three gorilla trekking destinations in Africa. Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park is home to mountain gorillas. You can trek gorillas in Rwanda all year round however, the drier months from December to February and June to September are also preferred for gorilla trekking in Rwanda. The weather is generally more favorable during these periods.

Democratic Republic of Congo

Democratic Republic of Congo is the less popular of all the gorilla trekking destinations. Gorilla trekking in Congo is done at Virunga National Park. Similar to Rwanda and Uganda, the dry seasons from December to February and June to September are suitable for gorilla trekking in Virunga National Park. These periods offer better trekking conditions and visibility.

If you are planning to experience both gorilla trekking and Wildebeest migration, the best time to visit is between July and September. During these months, there is less rainfall and the trails are clear and accessible in all East African countries. Additionally, spotting gorillas and wildlife becomes much easier due to less foliage and better accessibility to the areas. Plan your dream Africa safari adventure with Acacia safaris limited and experience life-changing adventures. Check out our awe-inspiring packages and start planning your journey to Africa.

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