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A Tanzania Safaris Tour you simply have to experience. Watch the Big Five and meet the friendly locals. We have selected the most unforgettable Tanzania and Zanzibar Safaris Tours for you here. You travel with your guide and own jeep to the most beautiful places and national parks in Tanzania. Everything is possible with Acacia Safaris Uganda! Our employees in Tanzania and Uganda do everything they can every day to offer our customers the best Tanzania Safaris Tour experience. Choose one of the Safaris Tours below or request a tailor-made travel proposal.

Book your Tanzania Safaris Tour now at the one and only Acacia Safaris Uganda!: On a Safaris Tour in Tanzania, you will see wildlife from a whole new perspective! For example, experience the great migration, where millions of animals stamp through the Serengeti National Park, and you can feel the ground shaking from afar! Tanzania is the only place in the world where you can experience something so impressive. Are you already looking forward to a Safaris Tour through Tanzania?

Trending Tanzania Wildlife Adventures and Birding Excursions

Tanzania Safaris

12 Days Tanzania Uganda Safari

The 12 Days Tanzania Uganda Safari involves wildlife adventure, chimpanzee trackingmountain gorilla tracking, and a boat ride at the Kazinga Channel. You will visit Lake Manyara National Park, you will visit Ngorongoro Conservation Area, you will visit Serengeti national park for the great wildebeest migration.

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Tanzania Adventure Safaris 2023

13 Days Tanzania Uganda Tour

13 Days Tanzania Uganda Tour involves wildlife adventure in TanzaniaWildebeest migration tour in Serengeti national reserve, mountain gorilla tracking in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest Park of Uganda where you adventure almost half of the world’s critically endangered mountain gorillasYou will be picked up from Kilimanjaro.

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Tanzania Safaris

17 Days Uganda Kenya Tanzania Safari 

17 Days Uganda Kenya Tanzania Safari takes you for Wildebeests safari adventure in Maasai Mara Kenya and Serengeti National Reserve Tanzania, a Wildlife safari tour in Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania, and Mountain Gorilla tracking in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. On arrival at Jomo Kenyatta Airport, you.

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The Ultimate Tanzania Safaris Tour Experience

A Safaris Tour in Tanzania is something truly unique. It is of course not without reason that millions of people dream of it. You drive in an open-top Safaris Tour jeep through nature along unimaginably beautiful landscapes. Along the way, you will drive through the territory of the Big Five (5) where you will learn about the laws of nature! With us, you will be accompanied by a private guide who can tell you everything about Tanzania with passion. He knows everything about the ecosystem, the different animals that live there and of course the interesting history!

During your Tanzania Safaris Tour, ask about the African bush elephants and the hundreds of years old baobab trees in Tarangire national park or the famous Savannahs and rivers of the Serengeti. See historic Lake Manyara, created millions of years ago when the Earth’s crust ruptured. The highest concentration of wild animals in the world can be found during the Tanzania Safaris Tour in the impressive crater of the Ngorongoro. In addition to the beautiful African Safaris Tour adventures, there are also many very nice excursions, activities, and a hospitable local population in the national parks and surroundings.

Tanzania Safaris

leopards in Tanzania

Accommodations during your Tanzania Safaris Tour

During the Tanzania Safaris Tour, you will only stay with us in the most beautiful lodges on a full board basis. We often go there ourselves to check whether the lodges still meet our high-quality standards. The accommodations are often located in the middle of the national parks. This way you can see the wildlife from your bedroom at many locations!

There may be elephants walking past the lodge. In the evening you hear nothing but the pure sounds of nature and you can experience a real night as only possible during a Tanzania Safaris Tour. A pitch dark environment where the only light comes from a beautiful starry night. Here you can enjoy in your safe abode while surrounded by wild animals, exciting isn’t it!

What does ‘Safaris Tour’ Mean?

The word Safaris Tour comes from Swahili which means Long Journey. During a Safaris Tour, people travel through the bush or jungle for a certain period, often with someone from the local population. In the past, this was mainly focused on hunting big game. Fortunately, this is no longer the case and everything is being done to preserve these beautiful animals and nature as well as possible. Safaris Tour is now seen as a tour through African countries where one or more nature parks are visited. The tourists “shoot” the big game with their photo or film cameras. The tours through the nature parks are also called “game drives”.

Why go on a Safaris Tour to Tanzania with the specialist – Acacia Safaris?

Why do people choose to do a Tanzania Safaris Tour with us? We at Acacia Safaris Uganda are known for our excellent service, fair prices, and extensive knowledge. With us, people no longer have to worry about anything, your entire holiday is arranged according to your wishes. We find a solution for everything!

Expertise in Tanzania

We have our own office in Tanzania with employees who live and work here. This way we can immediately obtain the lowest price for the best quality and we have knowledge that no other provider has. So we are the number 1 experts in Tanzania Safaris Tours, Zanzibar holidays, and trips where you will climb Kilimanjaro.

Acacia Safaris Guides and Tour Cars

We are very critical in the selection of guides for your Tanzania Safaris Tour, only 10% meet our standards. This way we always know who our customers are dealing with. This way we can guarantee the highest quality for our Safaris Tours in Tanzania. We also have our Safaris Tour jeeps. This way you, together with your guide, can discover the best-kept Safaris Tour secrets.

Small-scale and personal

We find personal contact and good service very important, thanks to our small scale and passionate employees we can guarantee this. You will feel completely at home! During the Tanzania Safaris Tours, our travelers get their contact person in the Netherlands and Tanzania, so that there is always someone nearby to help.

Tanzania Safaris

Great Annual Wildebeests Migration

Complete private Safaris Tour

We only provide private Safaris Tours. Our travelers get their Safaris Tour jeep with a private guide who is ready for them all day long. This provides the best Tanzania Safaris Tour experience for our customers. Sometimes there are different interests within a group, so there is always one person who does not get exactly what they want, with us this will not happen!

Would you like to spend an extra hour with that lion, or maybe spend the whole day watching rhinoceroses in the Ngorongoro crater? That’s no problem! Do exactly what you want. Tanzania Safaris Tours can be completely customized with us. State your wishes and we can arrange everything: pickups, parks, hotels, guides, jeeps, activities, you name it!

Frequently Asked Questions About Tanzania Safaris

How many days on Safaris Tour in Tanzania?

On average, people go on safari for about 6 -7 days, this is enough for most people. Add to that 1 or 2 days before the arrival of the trip, to acclimatize from the trip. Plus possibly another week on a beautiful tropical island, such as Zanzibar.

Then you have already put together a very nice Tanzania safari. In general, a safari is a bit more intensive and a relaxing holiday in Zanzibar is a bit more relaxed. Of course, we also have customers who think 3 weeks on safari is not enough. It is of course a personal choice.

Tanzania Safaris

Holiday in Zanzibar

How much does a Tanzania Safaris Tour cost?

If you go on a Safaris Tour with two people and stay in our Silver category hotels, a Safaris Tour costs between 430 and 450 euros per person per day. If you go with four people (and you divide the transport costs among more people), the costs are between 380 and 400 euros per person per day. If you want to add days to relax, these will of course be a lot cheaper.

What are the most beautiful places to visit?

The most beautiful highlights of the Safaris Tour can be found in the north of Tanzania. Here you will find the most famous national park in the world, the Serengeti NP! This is where most wildlife films have been shot because of the millions of grazing animals and the highest concentration of lions, leopards, and cheetahs in the world.

In addition, there is the world-famous Ngorongoro Crater, with the highest concentration of wildlife per km2 in the world. But Tarangire, Lake Natron, Lake Eyassi, Arusha, and Lake Manyara national park are all beautiful in their way. Add to this that these parks are all easily accessible by car.

This is the big difference with the Southern Parks in Tanzania, which are all far away from each other. In addition, in the southern parks, you have to “work harder” to spot games. But the Southern Parks all have their charms, especially Selous and Ruaha National Park.

Tanzania Safaris

Wildebeests Migration

How many days on Safaris Tour in Tanzania?

What should I bring on my Safaris Tour?

  • Your passport
  • Vaccination booklet
  • Your debit card (don’t forget to put it on the world!)
  • Your credit card
  • Insurance card
  • Phone
  • Small bag/waist bag to store these important things
  • Deet
  • Some nice summer clothes
  • 1 or 2 long, airy trousers. It can cool down in the evenings at some altitudes
  • A sweater for the plane or evenings
  • An airy cardigan for the evening
  • Flip flops & sandals
  • Sneakers (which you can also walk well in)
  • Your bikini, bathing suit, or swimming trunks
  • Sunglasses!
  • Cap/hat (Safaris Tour hat!)
  • Photo camera + extra memory cards and batteries
  • Binoculars
  • Toilet bowl

About the different Tanzania trips

In our offer, you can choose from Tanzania trips that have been compiled by us with great care. Every trip is a highlight, each with its unique highlights. Of course, you can also have a Tanzania Safaris Tour completely customized! All trips can be combined with a holiday on Zanzibar, Pemba, and/or Mafia Island.

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