6 Days Uganda Mountain Climbing Tour – Mountain Elgon

The 6 Days Uganda Mountain Climbing Tour takes you to Mount Elgon national park, which is a prime trekking mountain in East Africa. Elgon is a huge volcano with the largest crater of the major peaks in Africa. The caldera is one of the world’s largest.

Its name derives from its Massai name of “Ol Doinyo Lagoon” which translates to “Breast Mountain” and was also known as “Masaba” on the Ugandan side. There are several waterfalls on the slopes, and there are even hot springs to soak in inside the crater! Climbing the mountain is an experience not soon forgotten.

Many travelers find Mt. Elgon is an exciting alternative to the more strenuous climbs in East Africa. It is easier to access throughout the year, less congested, and has many of the same attractions, with a milder climate and lower elevation. Climbing the peaks requires no special equipment or technical experience.

6 Days Uganda Mountain Climbing Tour Highlights

Day 1: To Kapchorwa district

Day 2: In Sipi Falls

Day 3: To Budadiri / Bumasola

Day 4: To Summit of Wagagai

Day 5: Head Back to Budadiri / Bumasola

Day 6: Driving back to Kampala

Detailed Itinerary of the 6 Days Uganda Mountain Climbing Tour

Day 1: To Kapchorwa district

Have breakfast and set off for Kapchorwa district where Sipi River Lodge is located. Sipi falls is a series of three waterfalls in Eastern Uganda.

The waterfalls lie on the edge of Mount Elgon National Park near the Kenyan border, have lunch in Mbale and drive to the lodge where you can relax.

Accommodation: Sipi River Lodge

Day 2: In Sipi Falls

On this day you have a variety of activities to choose from i.e hike to the Sipi waterfalls or guided walks around the Sipi village and learn about the culture of the people.

The people in this area are called the Bagisu who speak a dialect of the Lumasaba language called Lugisu, which is fully understandable by other dialects, and is also understood by the Bukusu.

The Bagisu or Bamasaba undergo a circumcision ritual called the Imbalu. The ritual is held every two years during August.

Day 3: To Budadiri / Bumasola

This trip is for those people short on time. After a night at the lodge, we drive you to the trailhead at Budadiri / Bumasola, and from there you start your ascent.

The first stretch on the trailhead snakes up through the hillside communities above Budadiri. Ascending further, the trail enters the National Park and straight away climbs the Wall of Death!

Although conjuring horrifying images, this is simply a steep section where UWA has constructed a series of ladders, ramps and boardwalks through the cliffs

A strenuous first day leaves you to rest and make camp at Mude caves camp. (1770m – 3500m)

Day 4: To Summit of Wagagai

On the second day you leave the camp for the summit at Wagagai and then back to the camp. (3500m – 4321m – 3500m)

The Wagagai peak is the unobvious high point of the Caldera, the edge of the crater rim and requires walking a few km around the rim with spectacular views out towards Kenya and across the expansive, echoey plains of the Caldera.

The walk back to Maude camp is fairly short allowing the opportunity to soak up the peaceful atmosphere and explore lake pools dotted around the hill.

Day 5: Head Back to Budadiri / Bumasola

On day 3 you head back to Bumasola where we will pick you up and drive you back to the lodge for a hot shower some hearty food and a well-deserved drink!

Accommodation: Sipi River Lodge

Day 6: Driving back to Kampala

Early in the morning after breakfast you will travel back to Kampala through Jinja. You will have a stopover at the Sezibwa falls for lunch before arriving in Kampala in the late afternoon.

Return flight or an extra night in our Airport Guesthouse for just $ 82 a double / $70 a single (including BB and airport transfer)

Required equipment and organization of the hike

Required equipment for the hike: rucksack, sleeping bag for low temperature and sleeping mat, one plate, cutlery, mug, knife, trekking shoes, poncho or raincoat, heavy warm jacket, hand gloves, scarf and hat, one jumper, a torch.

How the hike is organized: The group or the individual person is accompanied by a Guide and by one “porters”, who has the duty of transporting some of the luggage for up to 18kg per person (the rest is extra luggage and it will be chargeable at extra cost).

End of the 6 Days Uganda Mountain Climbing Tour

Safari Inclusions and Exclusions

Safari Inclusions

  • Airport transfers
  • Transportation in fueled safari vehicle
  • Guides allowances
  • Park fees
  • Full board and meals during the hike
  • Accommodation as per the itinerary
  • Guide and one porter, carrying max 18kg
  • Cook
  • Park Entrance fees
  • Bird walk
  • Sipi hike

Safari Exclusions

  • Equipment for the hike (hiking trip)
  • Extra Luggage
  • Changes in the program itinerary

Required equipment for mount Elgon hiking safaris Uganda.

  • Rucksack
  • Sleeping bag for low temperature and sleeping mat
  • One plate
  • Cutlery
  • Mug
  • Knife
  • Trekking shoes
  • Poncho or raincoat
  • Heavy worm jacket
  • Hand gloves
  • Scarf and hat
  • One jumper
  • A torch and some tablets


We have luxury latest Land cruisers each driven by professionally trained driver guides and fuel. They have pop-up roofs for proper game viewing and photography. They come with a small fridge for cooling your drinking water while on safari (which is always included while In the Vehicle). They have inverters for charging small gadgets such as smartphones and cameras. They can seat five to a maximum of seven people and each client is guaranteed a window seat.